A Prayer for the Upper Big Branch Coal Miners

Holy Creator God,

We turn our hearts to you, Emmanuel, God-with-us, as we think about those who have lost their lives in West Virginia.

We pray for the Upper Big Branch “29” and their loved ones in this tragic loss.

As our earth is fragile, so are our hearts. And we give you these fragile places, and ask for solid intimations of your love, healing, presence and grace – especially in times like these.

Send your Holy Comforter to be present to touch and heal in all such fragile places.

In Christ name we pray,


– Rev. Rob Mark of the Eco-Stewards Program Steering Committee

2 thoughts on “A Prayer for the Upper Big Branch Coal Miners

  1. heather

    Thank-you, Rev. Rob, for the healing words in this prayer. So often it seems that it is in these fragile and thin places that we become aware of something much greater than you or I or differences between us. There is something absolutely human, fragile, and finite about us all and yet we are also surrounded by divine love and filled with the Spirit. These fragile times remind us of our dual natures — let us observe how they are united in this moment as we pray for those who have left the finite bounds of this world for an eternal peace.

    We are grateful that you will be joining us in West Virginia this May and for your prayerful presence.

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