Living With and From the Land

As we look toward the 2011 Eco-Stewards Montana trip and summer internships, we can’t forget the powerful stories we recorded last spring of those living with and from the land in West Virginia. Enjoy this audio slideshow and let it inspire you to join us this June as we listen for the stories of those living with and from the land at Crow Reservation in Montana.

“Living with and from the land in West Virginia”

Journalist Becky W. Evans and the 2010 Eco-Stewards photographed and produced this audio slideshow about West Virginia residents and their relationship with the land and resources of Appalachia during the May 2010 Eco-Stewards Program.

3 thoughts on “Living With and From the Land

  1. heather

    Thanks for posting — I love this video and appreciate so much the perspectives of those in the video and the hard work of Becky and Eco-Stewards to put it together. Yay!

  2. Dottie Mark

    What an interesting video, Becky. You have again captured some real life perspectives on the folks of West Virginia and given us some wonderful insights into what life is like there. Thanks for your hard work! (I loved the shots of the singers too!)

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