7 thoughts on “Connecting Under the Wild Montana Sky

  1. Dottie Mark

    Wow! I’ve just come from “being” out there in MT with you all..great photos, Becky. (Of course, I’m a bit biased as I watch some wonderful Mark family members participate in the Eco Steward program!)
    Thanks for sharing them..,will look forward to reading your report some time.

      1. Jenny Holmes

        Lovely pictures, with soul. Looks the Eco-Stewards had a wonderful experience on the with the people and the places of MT. Presbyterians for Earth Care is very excited about the program and the potential fruit of this investment of participant and leaders’ time and energy. I hope that some of the Eco-Stewards will be able to attend the August 31-September 3rd PEC conference. We need to hear your stories and listen to your dreams. All the best to those of you who are involved with internships. May your faith and ministry continue to deepen. We will be tapping some of you for articles for the next PEC Update. You are putting into practice the vision of the conference. Blessings and Peace, Jenny Holmes, PEC Moderator

  2. Julie Lehman

    Thanks so much for sharing this experience with those of us who are thinking of you and the great work you are doing through the Eco stewards program. Fun, food, fellowship, faith…it doesn’t get much better than that!

    Have a great summer, and I look forward to each of your blog posts. Keep on with the pictures too.


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