Postcard from Vermont

The Rock Point thrust fault on Lake Champlain.
Hiking the wet trail up Buck Mountain.
Learning about the landscape of Addison County from the top of Buck Mountain.
Our delicious, locally-sourced bag lunches.
A Skype call with Christian Environmental Activist Bill McKibben.
Our lovely Middlebury hosts: Dave, Innis, Avery & Claire
Setting up camp in Dave and Claire’s backyard.
The Mad River runs through Moretown. We were told the river ran as high as the prayer flags during Hurricane Irene.
Our service project involved improving drainage efficiency in the backyard of this rebuilt home, which was destroyed by flooding during Hurricane Irene.
The solar field at the Bishop Booth Retreat Center, where we stayed in Burlington.
Our car-free day of biking & hiking in Burlington.
Lunch on the shores of Lake Champlain.
We returned to Boston for a conversation with Quaker peace activist John Bach in Cambridge.
Our closing communion service.
Eco-Stewards bracelet power!
Our fearless (and very tired) program leaders: Dawn, Becky and Rob.

Postcard from Boston

The Eco-Stewards 2012 team in the Boston Public Garden.
Favorite flowers in the Boston Public Garden.
Introductions at  Church of the Covenant.
Sharing a delicious vegetarian potluck at COTC.
Making the Graber’s molasses cookies from Montana Eco-Stewards.
A visit to the Dewey Demonstration Garden (former Occupy Boston site) in Boston’s Financial District.
Meeting our dinner hosts at the Cambridge Co-op.
Serving breakfast at the Women’s Lunch Place at COTC.
A silent hike along Walden Pond ends the Boston portion of our trip. On to Vermont!