Postcard from Boston

The Eco-Stewards 2012 team in the Boston Public Garden.
Favorite flowers in the Boston Public Garden.
Introductions at  Church of the Covenant.
Sharing a delicious vegetarian potluck at COTC.
Making the Graber’s molasses cookies from Montana Eco-Stewards.
A visit to the Dewey Demonstration Garden (former Occupy Boston site) in Boston’s Financial District.
Meeting our dinner hosts at the Cambridge Co-op.
Serving breakfast at the Women’s Lunch Place at COTC.
A silent hike along Walden Pond ends the Boston portion of our trip. On to Vermont!

7 thoughts on “Postcard from Boston

  1. Jean

    Looks like you are off to a great start. The weather report has been iffy so hope the sun shines on all of you.Enjoy and learn!

  2. DOrothy Mark

    Hope all continues to go well there in VT. It was great sharing S&P with you all on Monday!.. Say hi to Dave and Clare too. Love, Mom/Dottie

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