Journey of an Eco-Steward: Seven Years Later

By Scott Crane

When I first became involved with my colleagues to set up and mentor the Eco-Stewards Program (then PCC)  in 2006-2007, I was carrying out a personal extension of my own young adult ideals and goals in the area of environmental stewardship as expression of my faith.  I was already on board an “environmental movement,” but struggling to place it within the context of my Christianity and my workplace.

In the past several years, the zest and vigor I had for following my earlier eco-steward ideals waned in the face of “real life” issues such as growing older, getting married, owning a home, commuting to work, having children, and just trying to stay afloat during all those changes in my life.

This year’s program in Portland came at a pivotal moment for me as I begin to settle better into my current chapter of life (married, raising children, etc.).  That means I am ready (I think!) to do more than just tread water.  I hope and pray I will have more energy, finally, to re-engage my ideals and goals for applied eco-stewardship.  My next steps?  To integrate these ideals and goals into my family and work life in practical ways…that is my hope!

For myself and my current chapter of life, “Connectional Living as a Creative Response” means, “Living within my context and applying the best ecologically-sound stewardship practices available to my means and station.”

To that end, I re-commit to being present not only to community of place and family, but to the community of Eco-Stewards, the earth, and all its creatures.  To accomplish that, I pledge to work earnestly to:

  • Reduce the carbon footprint my family makes on the planet (our house remodel will result in more efficient systems and lower energy use)
  • When the time/pocketbook is right to trade my car for a more efficient hybrid or EV for my 40+-mile commute each day
  • Educate others about choices for more conscious environmental stewardship
  • Plant over a hundred trees by this time next year
  • Explore potential for off-grid living in the next chapter of my life.

May this reflection inspire all of us to think deeply about our engagement with applied eco-stewardship, in whatever chapter of life we find ourselves.  Let us all share and inspire one another!

The biking Eco-Stewards Portland team stops for a sunset prayer on the Willamette River.
The biking Eco-Stewards Portland team stops for a sunset prayer on the Willamette River.

2 thoughts on “Journey of an Eco-Steward: Seven Years Later

  1. heather

    Hi Scott! So great to hear how your journey has progressed. I appreciate so much your intention setting for the next year! Thanks for sharing.

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