Oscar-Worthy Portland Slideshow

Our multimedia slideshow of the 2013 Portland Eco-Stewards Program is being released just in time for tonight’s Academy Awards. We hope you will enjoy this 10-minute look at the people and communities we met last June as we explored the theme Connectional Living as Creative Response during our Portland, Oregon Program. And please spread the word that March 15 is the new deadline to apply for our 2014 Eco-Stewards Program in Gainesville, Florida: Food and Faith, Uniting Together in a Southern Foodshed. Join us in May as we examine how the community of Gainesville utilizes its surrounding natural resources to build life-giving, meaningful relationships. Our time will focus primarily on the interconnected food and water webs of North Central Florida.

One thought on “Oscar-Worthy Portland Slideshow

  1. heatherwv

    Wow! Wonderful slideshow and experience for everyone in Portland this year. I loved seeing some familiar faces and hearing your beautiful voices at the end. This made me miss Eco-Stewards and also re-realize just how incredible the week experiences are. Thanks SO much for sharing!!

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