Visioning in Montana: June 2015

This June, the Eco-Stewards Program will host a visioning retreat in Montana, the site of our 2011 program trip. Read more here to find out who is invited to help us vision the future of The Eco-Stewards Program…

The 2010 Eco-Stewards hike through the prairie of Eastern Montana.
The 2011 Eco-Stewards hike through the prairie of Eastern Montana.

Who? Past Eco-Stewards, Program Leaders & Steering Committee Members

Where? Montana (Luccock Park Camp & Greenwood Farm)

When? June 1-7, 2015

What? Since 2007, The Eco-Stewards Program has been a wonderful experiment working to combine faith with environmental stewardship. Realizing the importance of beginning each journey thoughtfully and prayerfully, we’ve decided to use this year as a way to discern our vision for the future by considering such questions as: What will be the focus and location of our programs for 2016, 2017 and beyond? What will be our role in the larger faith and environmental community? From June 1-7, we will meet to discuss the future aspirations, goals and intentions of The Eco-Stewards Program. We want to move into the future purposefully and sustainably. Together, we’ve decided to return to Montana (site of the 2011 Eco-Stewards Program) for this Visioning Trip. This event will be open to past Eco-Stewards, leaders and steering committee members in an effort to guide the program into the future. Check back for updates on our Visioning Trip.

What if I’m new to the Eco-Stewards Program? We hope you can join us for our 2016 program (details to come after this Visioning Trip.) In the meantime, please stay connected with us by signing up for our blog updates (see the right-hand sidebar) and joining our Facebook page (The Eco-Stewards Program). Better yet, introduce yourself over email by writing to Rev. Rob Mark at

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