California here we come!

Dear Eco-Stewards Community,

We are excited to announce our 2020 Eco-Stewards Pilgrimage to Occidental, California this June 8-13, 2020. We will be getting back to our roots beneath the redwoods by gathering at Westminster Woods Camp and Conference Center (PCUSA), site of the first Eco-Stewards program in August 2007. This will be the first of three Eco-Stewards pilgrimages dedicated to the theme of Climate Justice (more explained below in our promotional poster).

As usual, we are asking our alumni and friends to reach out 1-1 to the young adult leaders (ages 20-30) in your midst who are looking to connect with others around faith and environmental stewardship. We have found that personal invitations/conversations are the most effective form of recruitment, rather than impersonal social media blasts to your networks. That said we’ve created this promotional poster and invite you to share it with specific young adults as well as your networks. If you need us to send you a PDF or JPEG file, you can email us at


The Eco-Stewards Leadership Team

Rev. Rob Mark (Co-founder), Vickie Machado (Montana ’11), Kathleen Murphy (Seattle ’16), Bolton Kirchner (West Virginia ’10), Kristen Young (Hawai’i ’18) and Becky Evans (Storytelling Coach)

One thought on “California here we come!

  1. Go, my fellow Eco-Stewards! I will gladly wear my original 2007 bracelet to remind me to find more ways to enact climate justice in my small sphere of influence. A suggestion: invite a mentor from another generation. It’s not too late to influence older mentors upwards with the critical perspectives of younger generations. Sometimes our older mentors have the means to enact more where we may only have a consuming vision to offer. Like me, I hope and pray all of you continue to be inspired by Gretta!


    Rev. Dr. Scott T. Crane, co-founder and Eco-Stewards Program alumni.

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