Happy New Year & Peace on Earth


As we begin a new year of faith and eco-stewardship, we wanted to say Happy New Year to our Eco-Stewards Family. And we have exciting news to announce: Portland, Oregon will be the location for our 2013 Eco-Stewards Program! Stayed tuned for specific dates, but likely the first week of June: 1-8.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year & Peace on Earth

  1. Well, folks, I can’t wait to show off Portland to you all-and Menucha, of course! We have some happening green things here in the PNW!

    Scott Crane, Eco-Steward 2007

  2. marlamarcum

    Climate Summer will be at Camp Wilmot June 5th-probably the 14th. If your group is coming through that part of NH, we’d love to prepare and share a meal with you all at the camp. Any ideas for synergy between the programs welcomed!! We would allow your folks to arrive a bit late to training if they wanted to do both programs. Most riders will arrive at Wilmot on June 7th (only Team Leaders on June 5th).

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