Victory at Standing Rock, Amen!

Dearest Eco-Stewards and Fellow “Water Protectors,”

Today we celebrate. And it is such a refreshing and joyous change to celebrate something in these past weeks that for many have felt so heavy. We celebrate with full hearts of solidarity all those who have so courageously risen up to speak truth to power at Standing Rock reservation in North Dakota.  The Army Corps of Engineers has seen the light not to approve permits for the DAPL pipeline to cross at its proposed location. We give thanks to God for this prophetic movement that has emerged once again from this Land’s first-nation-indigenous voices. We give thanks that this victory came as a result of non-violent prayer and peaceful witness.  We, Eco-Stewards, are reminded of the prophetic and powerful witness of the Lummi Nation in Washington who also peacefully fended off the largest proposed coal export terminal on their sacred lands this past year – and who we were blessed to meet with during our Seattle program in June.  May the Great Spirit continue to help give us all courage to stand boldly for peace, water, truth, and wise stewardship in every hill, molehill, village and hamlet until freedom and liberation ring – for all.

It was a profound privilege and honor for me to join 524 fellow clergy at Standing Rock, just one month ago. Here’s my reflection and some photos of the “fierce love” I witnessed there: The Fierce Love at Standing Rock

In the peace of Christ,


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