Eco-Stewards Heading to Hawaii

The Eco-Stewards Program is excited to announce our Eco-Stewards 2018 Hawaii Special Edition Program on the island of Oahu from May 7-12, 2018. This special edition program will include participants beyond our typical  20-30 age range as we try to engage future Eco-Stewards program leaders and recruiters who work with young adults at the intersection of faith and the environment. Young adults (age 20-30) are also encouraged to apply. Funding is available to offset travel expenses on a first-come, first-serve basis. Application deadline is March 7. Download the EcoStewardsHawaii2018application.

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 5.48.58 PM

One thought on “Eco-Stewards Heading to Hawaii

  1. Sweet! I am so stoked for you all! This is Scott Crane, Eco-Steward mentor 2007, 2013. I learned something in a book from a Hawai’ian beach lifeguard recently: the word mana means “spirit” in the sense that when somebody comes off the sea with their surfboard and they’ve been in the sweet spot connecting their spirit and their movement with the sea, their aura drips with mana and is palatable to those who are aware enough to sense it (lifeguards, etc.) I couldn’t help but connect the Hawai’ian term with the Hebrew term from Exodus….What is it that feeds the people? Manna from heaven. May your time in Hawai’i be blessed my sisters and brothers! As for me, I’m deep into a doctorate of ministry program where I hope to write on why the Presbyterian (USA) church in the Pacific Northwest has been ineffective at reaching generations X,Y and Z and how best to address that. Would you all be willing to have me reach out to you for some feedback, as I do my research in preparation to write? Peace, Scott

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