An Earth Day Pilgrimage In Place

Dear Eco-Stewards Community,

Next Thursday’s April 22nd Earth Day marks the year anniversary of our first Eco-Stewards Connect & Reflect virtual gathering. As we move into a second year of virtual offerings for our wider Eco-Stewards community, we want to focus on the themes of “place” and “pilgrimage” that are familiar to our annual place-based trips. To that end, we invite you to Pilgrimage in Place with the Eco-Stewards Community this week!

This is an invitation to take a prayerful walk or pilgrimage in your neighborhood in the coming days and then join us on a Zoom call on April 22nd to reflect on what each of us discovered in our watersheds. We have made a “Pilgrimage in Place Guide” with some scripture, questions and prayers to accompany you on this walk as needed. If you want to pilgrimage with us but can’t or don’t want to attend the Zoom call, please walk with us anyway, and if you feel led, drop us a note or photo in a blog comment, email to or on our Eco-Stewards Facebook Page. Please find links to the Guide and the Zoom call below.

With hope and blessings,

The Eco-Stewards Leadership Team

Rob Mark, Vickie Machado, Kathleen Murphy, Kristen Young & Becky Evans

Join Zoom Meeting on Thursday, April 22 at 8:15pmEDT…

Meeting ID: 949 9657 9352
Passcode: 645524

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